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Everything you need to get started

Most people dread their first period. They can be scary and awkward, and talking to your parents or teachers about your first period can feel embarrassing to some.

 We don't think this should be the case! The First Period Box is the perfect gift for parents or guardians to give to their daughter to celebrate that time or at least make it a little less dreadful!  

The FPB is backed by an expert committee in women's health, education and reproductive development. It includes everything a young girl needs when she first gets her period, including: 100% organic feminine hygiene, comfort items intended to treat the symptoms of menstruation and an educational and empowerment guide, "Getting to Know your Flow: A Guide to Periods." 

What's in the box?

Getting to Know your Flow: A girl's guide to everything she needs to know about her body. Empowerment starts with education.

+ SmartSweets: For those cravings we all get - but these gummy bears are actually good for you and they taste great

+ Organic pads:  Made of 100% cotton, free of chemicals.  Starting on good habits, because girls deserve better

+ Self care products:  feel good products to treat the symptoms of your period.