Taran - CEO

Lawyer turned period girl, Taran was inspired to start Ellebox when she learned about a gourmet bacon subscription box company. Gourmet bacon sparked the idea for ElleBox because Taran realized there was a subscription box on the market for virtually everything (men's razors, meal prep, books) - except for the subscription women get monthly from Mother Nature. Lover of dogs, reading and memes, Taran is driven by her passion to advocate for women's health and empowerment.  This is further cultivated by human rights law research about women and girls in developing countries being held by a lack of access to feminine hygiene products.   

Bunny - COO

An accounting student by trade, Bunny is all things spreadsheets, analytics and details. Customer service? Shipping? Just want to talk? She’s your girl. Bunny is a student entrepreneur who loves solving problems,  hiking mountains and learning new things. Her own experiences with PCOS industry has led her to spread a message about the importance of taking care of our own bodies. Passionate about improving women's health, Bunny is driven by the opportunity to change the way women experience their periods. 

 Jessica - CBO 

A recent graduate from UBC in Kinesiology, Jessica majored in Physical Education & Health Studies and minored in Psychology. She has an uncontrollable curiosity that’s lead her to question the gap in women’s health research – especially with respects to our reproductive systems and menstruation. Jessica was inspired when she watched a Ted Talk by Alyson McGregor titled “Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women” and now she is deeply passionate about closing that gap through education and empowerment.